Why Choose Us

More affordable and faster than the Hospital ER

As an Urgent Care Center here in Camarillo, we help patients quicker than the hospital Emergency Rooms for non-life threatening medical attention.  Patients typically report long waits of several hours before even being seen by a physician at the ER, while here we are usually tending to your needs right away.  Of course, there are times when many patients arrive at the same time, and your wait could be longer, however it is safe to say most of the time we are faster than the ER.

Additionally, the Camarillo and Ventura County ER’s are usually significantly more expensive than our Urgent Care Center.  The overhead and expenses at the hospital ER forces them to have significantly higher costs than at our Camarillo Urgent Care center. Be a smart patient and save money and time by using our urgent care services rather than the ER for non-life threatening medical attention.

Very Experienced, Very Skilled Physicians and Nurses

Our staff of physicians includes Hospital Emergency Room experience and collectively over 50 years of experience seeing patients.  When you come to our Camarillo Urgent Care center you are being seen by some of Camarillo’s best qualified physicians and nurses.

Warm, Friendly and Truly Helpful Environment

At 1st Stop Urgent Care, the focus is on you, the patient.  We understand how important it is to be able to connect with your doctors and nurses.  Fortunately, at our urgent care center we have selected some of the nicest professionals around.  We frequently hear back from our patients regarding the personal touch they received at our practice.  We strive to make you feel comfortable and more importantly provide you with the expert care you deserve.

Easily Accessible Staff

Some medical offices have become overly burdensome on the patients.  You see this commonly when nurses and staff don’t return phone calls and don’t provide the follow up that you deserve.  We work very hard to make sure you can speak with someone without going through a complicated voice mail system where you leave a message and “hope” someone calls you back.  You can get a hold of someone to help you right away with a friendly, helpful attitude – Always.